It’s every guy’s dream to come home to a loving wife that will make him a sandwich, get him a beer, and keep her mouth shut whilst doing so. Ok, scratch that. This isn’t the 20th century here. Fellas, you should be more than capable of making your damn sandwiches and the jokes about the kitchen are fucking stupid. As usual, there is always something about humanity which happens to piss me off, and sexism is one these things. We all know that women are not at the equal political, financial, religious, and societal stature as men, and this injustice has existed through too much of human history. Men have traditionally always been the providers for the family while women were the nurturers staying at home with the children. Even when we, as a species, were finally able to walk upright, the males hunted and brought home the meat, while the women would gather and perform tasks that were not as physically dangerous or demanding. Well if you wish to continue with that antiquated point of view, you should stop reading and go fuck yourself.

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